You know very well that I gave you what I am and your love is alms and pain. I was your lover without love, its the end! just don’t ask me forgiveness.

Look you’re single again and look at me which isn’t my fault.

I will stop tormenting my heart, go away i don’t want to see you again.

There is nobody in this world that hurt me so much, I was silly not deny you came to convince, and again come and lie me while going hand in hand, sure you are thinking that I am at your feet, damn stupidity.

I wanted to make you happy but the problem is that you don’t want to be, I I forgot to I also wanted to be happy.

And sorry I not return to fall, I am not saying that there will be one better than me, if any, but I doubt that someone thinks in you like me, how could i endure?

Today I will say that I did live the time with you, maybe I just imagine you, the truth is that I never see you. I hope you learn to distinguish between love, ego, hatred and passion, forget just because i hate you… It was only a FUCK obsession.

Worst of all is that you know perfect that you are wrong and you’re presuming people that you’re faithful, don’t tell me miss you because i don’t think anything, I was that your attitude is your most large stupidity. Damn stupidity.