Your looking at me different, your hug me and I don’t feel your love ❤. I say you what I feel, you interrupt me and finish the sentence… You always have reason.! You booklet always as predictable, I already now it.

So runs runs runs heart 💔, of both your always were the more fast ❤. Take everything that you want, but go away, as my tears never I’ll give ✌. So runs runs runs as always and you don’t look back 🌈…

Ya viví esta escena y con mucha pena te digo no, conmigo no. Di lo que podía pero a media puerta se quedo mi corazó. Tu el libreto de siempre tan repetido, ya no, no te queda bien

Así que corre corre corre corazón, de los dos tu siempre fuiste el mas veloz, toma todo lo que quieras pero vete ya que mis lagrimas jamás te voy a dar así que corre como siempre no mires atrás, lo has hecho ya y la verdad me da igual.

You’re the dog always with the same tricks 🎩, I already know. These have been so many goodbyes  that indeed, dedicate a verse is of more. 🌸🌷.!

You’ve already done and the

truth to my gives me same…

You’ve done already but in the end to my gives me same.

emo muñeco toy